"Indianapolis Street" by Jon Garcia.
"Chameleon" by Hope Foster.
"A New World" by Chelsey Bough.
"The Dog" by Meghan Hoskins.
"Witch's Ways" by Sarah Gilland.
"Twisted" by Austin Roberts.
"Oh Nothing" by Allison Spencer.


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About Allusions

As a journal of the fine arts, Allusions is dedicated to promoting and encouraging artistic growth and appreciation throughout the Indiana State University community. The purpose of the publication is to celebrate all forms of artistic expression created by ISU’s student body, uninhibited by academic department affiliation.

This is the third year for the publication, combining the best of ISU’s two previous fine arts journals: the Creative Writing Society of ISU’s
Tonic and the University Honors Program’s After Images.

accepts pieces submitted by students in literature (poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and drama) as well as the fine arts (3-D arts and 2-D arts) every fall semester and is printed the following spring semester, encompassing one academic year.

Editorial boards are made up of graduate and undergraduate students. They review materials submitted by students throughout the ISU community and select the best to appear within this publication.


Faculty Advisor:  Aaron Morales                                    Editor in Chief:  Catie Spicer       

Art Editor:  Kaleigh All                                                 Assistant Literature Editors:  Joshua Akens
                                                                                                                                Valerie H Bowman
Assistant Art Editors:  Soulaf Abas                                                                         Alejandra Coar
                                 Jason Gorcoff                                                                          Martin Maynard
                                                                                                                                Sara Palmer
                                                                                                                                Christopher Stevens
Cover Art:  Jon Garcia                                                                                               Jacinta Yanders


The following are excerpts from the journal of Allusions

"Zombie" by Cinnamon Kilburn                                                                                                                                Page 3

You left me a zombie:
Dead inside
I'm walking around mindlessly,
Feasting off innocent hearts

There's a scab that won't heal,
And I've made love my meal;
So hungry and never full.
The emptiness you left
Infects others' souls.

I'll never have my fill.
I'll always be walking that walk
Until you finally put an end to me.

Insatiable hunger is my future now:
Reaching for love and going without,
So all innocent souls find shelter.
Hide your hearts and protect them
From my Helter Skelter

For you, my love of love,
Have left me a zombie.
Always searching for your love
And devouring others.












Church Soup by Chris Stevens                                                                                                                            Page 12

Gran was a huge church supporter and it didn't matter what denomination. If any nearby church advertised a bean dinner, ice cream social, silent auction, or fish fry she dropped everything to attend. She and I were nearly inseparable, so I tagged along. One particular cold winter day, a church was sponsoring a dinner: "all you can eat homemade vegetable soup or clam chowder - free will donation" the flier promised.

    Off she and I went - to get our fill while our donation supported the church's endeavors. The social hall was lined with rows of long tables decorated with fine linens and neatly clad gray-headed women were hustling about carrying trays filled to the brim with food.

    "Oh, this is going to be quite a treat," Gran smiled squeezing my young paw. As we waited in line for our turn, my stomach was pining for the tasty aromas of fresh-made soup.

    After we were finally seated, Gran opted for vegetable soup. I hated veggies, so I chose the creamy chowder. As we ate, I noticed Gran's nose twitching as she sipped one small spoonful after another. She would sprinkle salt and pepper into the mix, but her face kept crinkling with each bite. I didn't think much of it because I was really into the chowder and the meaty clams.

    One of the old church ladies passed our table and she asked, "Well, how do you like the soup?"

    Gran politely said, "It's really good. Oh, by the by, who cooked this vegetable soup?"

    The old lady beamed. "Oh, we all had a hand in it. Would you like some more?"

    "No", said Gran shaking her head. "I've had way more than my fill."

    The old lady smiled and walked away. Gran leaned over and whispered in my ear. "They all had a hand in it. Humph. It tastes more like they all had their feet in it."


Amongst Dark Shapes The Writer's Quarrel by Robert Slavens                                     Page 71                         

I sat in silence amongst dark shapes,
At the point of night where light dares not penetrate.
Have you ever heard that deadly sound?
The lack of notes ---- silence all around.
I breathed heavily, hoping to make it drown
I banged on tables, clicked my pen
But with every pause it came back again.
No manner of reading or fury of scribe
Could kill the beast that grew inside.
I seemed to grow deaf from cotton strikes
That drove me to madness from a silent night.



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