2012 SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences) Participants.
A 2012 SURE participant conducting research.
McNair Students Presenting at Symposium 2012.
Shoes Off Quintet Performing at Symposium 2012.
Students Nicole Terrell and Laura Major presenting at NCUR 2012.


Center for Student Research and Creativity

CSRC: ISU’s incubator for student research and creativity

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   A Celebration of Student Research & Creativity

   The Exposium is a program that celebrates the outstanding academic work of Indiana State University
   undergraduate and graduate students. Research and/or creative projects may be based on a class project, major
   paper, collaborative research with a faculty member, community engagement activities, or any efforts that
   highlights the research and creativity associated with the ISU student experience.

Registered Students need to set up their project on the day of their presentation.  Set up is between 8:00 - 9:45.  Students are required to be present for one hour, but are encouraged to remain longer.  Each presentation will be set up all day. 

Students that accepted support from the CSRC are Required to participate in Exposium. 

Exposium Schedule:

MONDAY April 10, 2017
10:00 – 2:00
 Library Events Area

10:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:
Emma Nye; Ashley Crossway; Sean Rogers
Perceptions of LGBTQ Individuals in Athletic Training
Vanessa Rojas
A Regional Comparison of Heavy Metal Contaminants in Bats              
Keith Johnson
Multiple Parasites Elicit Different Immune Response in Female Mountain Spiny Lizards, Sceloporus                         Jarrovii           
Ashley Clodfelder
Staphylococcus Aureus                       
Nicholas Gallina
FnBPA and FnBPB: Timing their Expression in Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Biofilm                            Development             
Jessica Edler
Continuing Education Lecture and Demonstration Improve Actual Knowledge in Athletic Trainers                 Peng Fu
Consistent Land Surface Temperature Data Generation from Irregularly Spaced Landsat Imagery                 Sean Rogers; Zachary Winkelmann
                        An Examination of the Triple Hop for Distance as a Predictor of Lower Extremity Performance in                              Firefighter Equipment
Yanhua  Xie
Spatiotemporally Enhancing Time-Series DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Imagery for Assessing Large-   
                        Scale Urban Dynamics

Jeffrey Post; Katherine Miller
            The Aspire Group Case Study Bowl: Packing the House for the NCAA Women's Basketball Final Four

10:30 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

Jennifer Anglin
Asset Mapping and Community-Based Participatory Research: A Study of the Russian-Ukrainian                                Population’s Need For and Use of Health-Related Community Resources
Yu-Ju Huang
A Case Study: Does Intensive Reading Improve Non-Native Speaker’s Reading Level in a Short
                        Period of Time?

YeonHee Chae  
The Effects of Music Mnemonic Strategy on English Second/Foreign Language Acquisition

Brittany Vancil
Indiana's Teacher Shortage: An Analysis
Yuanfan Zheng
An Integrate Approach for High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Anthropogenic Heat Discharge                               Simulation in Los Angeles County          

11:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:    

Morgan Dezsi; Christle Miller; Ellie Berry; Baden Pund; Katie Goekler; Alex Johnson
C.H.I.L.L.: Renewing the Passion of Teacher Education
Caleb Harrison; Robert Pawlak; Brycen Ratcliffe; Francisco Morales          
Dietary Nitrate Supplement and Cardiovascular Health: Preliminary Results             
Taylor Anthis    
Multimedia Consent and Release Forms for Educational and Marketing Purposes in Sports
                        Rehabilitation Clinic: A Critically Appraised Topic
11:30 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:
Shelby Doades
Effectiveness of Photobiomodulation in Treating Migraine Headaches: A Case Series

12:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

Cody Leasor
Development of a PC App to Teach Thermodynamics              
Alexis Blunk
Spontaneous Non-contact Pneumothorax in Division III Male Swimmer: A Case Report                        
Jessica Jones; Brittany Chess; Emma Auterson; Tatianna Stephany
Identity Exploration

Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:
Donald Turpen; Emma Walker; Alexis Bowling; Michael Stevens; Breena Sullivan; Abigale Jones
            Captive Orangutan Behavior Compared to Expectations of their Wild Peers
Hunter Gill; Ethan Rath
            Using QSARINS to Predict the Bacteriostatic Effects of Antimicrobial Compound Candidates Against                           Foodborne Pathogens                                   
Jennifer Callaway
            A Comparison of Structural Variants between Two Avian Species                                                       
Zachary Kozelichki
            Modeling and Habitat Selection of White-Throated Sparrows Using Ideal Physical Characteristics
           Lindsay  Forrette
            Is More Better? Examining the Fitness Consequences of MHC Diversity in the White-Throated

Zoe Delefortrie
            Effect of Parasites on White-Throated Sparrow (Zonotrichia Albicollis) Song.                                     
Jessica Kurdelak; Hayley DeLude; Alyssa Hess; Alicia Moss; Gregory Walker; Kyle Swingler
            The Effects of Heat on Fracture Patterns on Traumatized Boneso

TUESDAY April 11, 2017
10:00 – 2:00
 Library Events Area

 10:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:
Christy Miller; Amber Smith; Emily Morrison
Get a Clue, Fight the Flu!       
Shayla Gill; Chelsey Patterson; Jacquelyn Goines; Olandra Blue
Eat Wise, Lose a Size  
Kaytlin Crumrin; Megan Leavell; Megan Kistler                                                    
Catching Some Z's       
Osborn Umeh; Wendy Sharp; Jesse Miller                                    
A Breath of Fresh Air  
Deborah Corbin; Veronica Hannon; Ciara Ross                             
Pepper Spray, the Safe Way   
Paul Chatman; Jessica Grubbs; Aaron Richards; Brooklyn Sibley    
Come Here Whats Being SAID  
Kourtney Vanwey                                                          
Eating Uncommon in the Commons      
Michelle Hendricks; Autumn Sowers; Cody Manley; Jie Chen; Shaneil Beckford; Kaelin Long
ISUse Condom Sense   
Brittany Black; Nicole Heath; Robert Shipley                    
Blue Moves      
Manoj Panta                 
            Downstream Targets of Forkhead Domain Transcription Factors Mediating Cardiogenesis      

Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:
Yu-Chen Chien              
             Mass Shock in Electronic Manufacturing
Loretta Stewart; Zanosha Brown; Abdull Alaboid; Bryana Tyler
Young Single and Free to Choose

Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:
Beloved Godsown; Naureen Aslam
            Identifying Genetic Variants using TCGA Cancer Sequencing Datasets
Ethan Rath

Detection of sRNA regulated by RNase III using Computational Methods

Camden Kennedy; Leah Beth Carter; Harjas Singh; Takoda Sons   
            Identification of Novel Cardiogenic Regulators

Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:
Jonathan Emmons                     
            Timed Tests and Math Anxiety as Factors Affecting Elementary School Math Performance
Patrick Cheek; Jason M. Hughes
Evaluation of a Portable Gas Chromatograph for the Detection of Environmental Pollutants

Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:                            
Tammy Mancourt                                              
Long Haul Cost of Quality
1:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:      
Haisong Ye                    
            No Absolute Equivalent between Two Languages: Strategies We Have Learned from Translation of
                        AECT Books

Safa Alakhdhair
Psychometric Properties of the Arabic Version of the Belief into Action Scale

7:30 – 9:00 Creative Writing Open Mike
Location – 7th and Elm Upstairs
      Appetizers Available – All are Welcome

11:00 – 3:00

Musical Performances, Theater Performances, and Readings throughout the day       

11:00 – 12:00 The Following Students will Present
Kennedy Lake; Jordan Reger; Jenna Houchin; Crystal Johnson; Alec Stunkel; Molinda Ellis
Dublin Changes Play

12:00 – 3:00 Musical Performances Throughout

THURSDAY April 13, 2017
10:00 – 2:00
Library Events Area 

10:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:
Brittni Hogue; Elizabeth Russell; Nick Bobis; Jeff Geiger; Laura Rinkenberg
            Effect of Standing vs. Sitting on Attention in Children with ADD/ADHD
Hillary Haaker; Alex Helmick; Douglas Mohr; Courtney Deem       
            Assessing the Feasibility of iBalance Application in Hippotherapy Settings
Lacey Craft; Lindsey Griggs; Kylie Riess; Gabrielle Robinson         
            Pepper Spray the Safe Way
Emily Schmalzried; Rosemary Weber; Vennila Frey; Jerica Mitchell
            Catching Some Z's
Antoinette Carter; Erica Brown; Anwar Ali
Eat Wise, Lose A Size
Makeda Squarrel; Victoria McDonald; Deidre Leineweber; Tameka Redmond
A Breath of Fresh Air
Sabrina Hartwig; Paige Schoeff; Shelby Utterback; Whitney Weidenbenner; Alane O'Neal
            What Are the ADL and IADL Challenges Perceived By Individuals Receiving Chemotherapy?
Joshua Coovert
            Metal Isocyanide Compounds for the Undergraduate Laboratory – Without the Smell. Part II
Nicole Hope; Leah Fox
            Measure of Vision Dependent Task Performance in Individuals with Low Vision Using the Low Vision                         Independence Measure (LVIM)
Samantha Goodman; Ginny Phillips         
            Rural Senior Drivers' Views on their Quality of Driving
Casey Powers
Eating Uncommon in The Commons
Kelci Kennedy
            ISUse Condom Sense
Macy Toon; Allison Wagner; Meghan Stapleton; Andrew Perry; Hayden Eckert        
Effects of a Modified Early Start Denver Model Intervention in Children with Autism Under 60 Months
Tiffany  Hefner; Carly Pattyn; Samantha Pyatt     
            Blue Moves
Rhonda Mackey; Kayleigh Snyder; Keyon Johnson; Katherine Madden
Get a Clue Fight the Flu
Francisco Morales Acuna
            Clinical Case: Heart Murmur in Soccer’s Pre-Participation Exam
Francisco Morales Acuna
            Aortic Root Size in Elite Male Athletes with Bicuspid Aortic Valve

10:30 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

Aubrie Cook; Shelby Bennett; Megan Davidson; Karli Marshal
            Live, Laugh, Dance: A Quantitative Pilot Study
Kristen Jones; Bryanna Washington; Rhianna Taylor
            Young, Single and Free to Choose!
Joseph Frey
            Thermoelectric Generators for the Physical Chemistry Teaching Laboratory
Elizabeth Neil                                                    
Analysis of Medical Documentation Behaviors in Athletic Trainers

11:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

Margarida Barcelo Serra                                                 
Personality Types in the Polymorphic White-Throated Sparrow (Zonotrichia Albicollis)
Divya Ramesh
            Pursuit-Deterrence Behavior in Dark-Eyed Juncos (Junco Hyemalis)
Rajesh Naidu
            Paintings From Life (Portraits & Figurative)

Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:                            
Brennan Hadley
            The Use of Transcatheter Arterial Embolization for a Grade 1 Traumatic Spleen Laceration in a
                        Collegiate Football Player: A Case Report

Zachary Winkelmann
The Effect of Environmental Heat Stress on Functional Balance in Firefighters

Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:                              
Jacob Payne
C.H.I.L.L.: Appreciating the Past, Thriving in the Present, Confident in the Future
Clayton Hensley; Ryan Rompola; Zachary Winkelmann; Katie Patberg
            Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis of the Ankle in a Secondary School Athlete: A Case Report


  • Prepare a Professional Poster Presentation for the Exposium. The dimensions for a poster presentation are ordinarily 36 x 48 inches. In most cases, students will work with their faculty sponsor and/or department to prepare and print the final poster presentation. If a student is unable to print posters within their department, the w.indstate.edu/cirt/"> Multimedia Design and Research Programming Services (MDRPS) is able to print 36 x 48 “matte”-quality posters. The costs of these posters will be covered by CSRC. Posters printed at other dimensions or laminated must be paid for by the home academic department through an intramural voucher. All posters must be submitted to MDRPS by the faculty sponsor in final print format (usually as a single PPT slide with the dimensions 36 x 48) to MDRPS no later than noon Monday, March 27, 2017. Please note, students cannot submit their own posters — only the faculty sponsor can. Please contact MDRPST at  812-237-2675 for more information on printing.

    Sample Poster



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